Muramba Marathi Movie 2017


Movie: Muramba
Language: Marathi
Director, writer & screenplay: Varun Narvekar
Producer: Dashami Studioz, HUGH Productions & Pratisaad Productions.

What flashes in front of your eyes, when you hear the word ‘Muramba'(fruit jam)? A sweet and sour delicious dish right?
A streak of all the good old memories, when your Grandma made these tangy goodies of fruits, with a hint of spice and sourness to it, is what the word ‘Muramba’ makes you recollect suddenly! ‘Muramba’ is the solution for all problems, is what we used to think in those days, a little teaspoon of it, would go a long way, making us feel good about ourselves, it smells like home, muramba made us feel loved, the love Grandma made in the form of a dish, in the jar.‘Muramba’, is the good memories we want to get back to!

‘Dashami Studioz’, has clicked the replay button of your growing up times. ‘Muramba’, a Marathi Movie, that is going to make you feel the warmth of your childhood, by debutant director ‘Varun Narvekar’, who thought of writing this movie of sweet love.
No description needed, the poster says it all, which was recently revealed on all the social media platforms! The cuddling two pair of socks worn by a guy and a girl, with cups of tea amidst the chaotic life of the city. The warmth of the title ‘Muramba’, can be seen in the poster, playing all the moments you enjoyed in your favorite days. ‘Muramba’, seems be that newness you miss!
And if you miss those days of utter bliss? If you do, comment below and share the memories you have!

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