Mithila Palkar- Maharashtra Desha Fame


Who doesn’t watch youtube videos now-a-days? I do, u do, and we do all the time. Youtube videos are the new update me, teach me, inform me, pass time with me time, relatable to majority of the viewer’s reading this. Youtube’s a hoarder of videos, you name it, they have it, and it’s just a keyword away from you. The days have passed when we utilized Youtube only for watching music videos, interviews and trailer, the site serves a lot more, constituting motion clips of humorous and comical content.

Audience of every age at any point of time, needing no excuse to have a jolly time watching these meritorious videos. Millions of Youtuber’s satisfy the itch of entertaining people by their sense of amusement of which one name emerges “Mithila Palkar.” This Marathi mulgi does a serious of videos full of laughter and connective, that we can’t fail to visit filter copy showcasing clips based on – annoying things boyfriends do, little things, things you should never say to your boyfriend, honest valentine’s day, things brothers and sisters do, girl in the city, stuff women are tired of hearing and what not.

To top it up, female’s like “Mithila Palkar”, motivate women, to create a platform where millions of people recognize you for your talent and boost the idea of stand out of the crowd. feels proud to put forth, this high degree of energy pack talent of a female Youtuber making a mark of her own.

Mithila Palkar-Maharashtra Desha Fame



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