Marathi Movie Tigers Review, Star Ratting and Box Office Collection

marathi tigers rating and review

Name of the film: Marathi Tigers
Date of Release: February 5, 2016
Producers: Navid Hangad & Abhijit Tashildar
Director: Avadhoot kadam
DOP : Yogesh Koli
Music : Swapnil Digade
Artistes : Dr.Amol Kolhe, Vikram Gokhale, Ashish Vidyarthi, Vidyadhar Joshi, Mahesh Dada, Kiran Sharad, Teja Deokar, Vikas Patil & Ashwini Ekbote.

Rating : 2/5

First Day Box Office Collection :- RS. 9.4 Cr (Reference:
Second Day Box Office Collection :- Rs. 8.6 Cr (Reference:

Marathi Movie Tigers Review: Marathi Movie is the latest cinema of Marathi Language releasing on 5 February. Movie which created contraversy faced hurdles for its release and finally it released today successfully.

The movie has already created unrest in Belagavi, which has a sizeable population of Marathas, who are keen on the city being included under Maharashtra territory. The movie trailers and video clips, which are being circulated on smartphones in the districts bordering Karnataka and Maharashtra, allegedly derides Kannadigas, and this had led to tension last week in Belagavi. The police conducted meetings with Kannada groups and Marathas to maintain peace.

We are all aware of the border dispute between Maharashtra and Karnataka for the past 60 years over inclusion of places like Belgaum, Nipani & Hillur in Maharashtra. On this backdrop, new Marathi film ‘Marathi Tigers’ has been made, with a lot of promotional events created prior to its release. Actually it is very difficult to make films on such social issues.

The film begins with a tense atmosphere over display of a board with the name of Hillur, a place on the border of the two states. A youth leader of Marathi Jagruti Samiti, Shiva Patil ( Dr.Amol Kolhe) is very aggressive to end the border dispute, by making a demand to liberate the Marathi speaking villages from Karnataka and merging them in Maharashtra. But Kannada language supporter Lingappa (Ashish Vidyarthi) opposes Shiva, playing his political games.

After such an aggressive beginning, the focus of the film later shifts to quadrangular Love stories. It so happens that Seema (Kiran Sharad), daughter of Kannada speaking Sarpanch of the village, returns to her village after acquiring a degree in Medicine. Rajappa is in one sided love with Dr.Seema. But there is Chandrama (Teja Deokar) from the village, who loves Rajappa. However, watching the sincerity of Shiva, Dr.Seema falls in love with him. In the meanwhile, we find Lingappa playing his dirty games, to keep the Marathi-Kannada dispute alive. Towards the end of the film, everyone realizes that there is no point in fighting over the border issue, thus putting an end to all misunderstandings.

The film’s promotion had raised lot of hopes from this film. But unfortunately, the outcome of this film is a big disappointment. Director Avadhoot Kadam has tried to mix up the border dispute with the love stories, which didn’t work well. However, the film scores on account of beautiful locations in South, very well captured through the camera lenses. Vidyadhar Joshi and Ashwini Ekbote have very skillfully portrayed the Kannada speaking characters. Dr. Amol Kolhe is impressive in the role of a dashing hero Shiva. Ashish Vidyarthi delivers a few Marathi dialogues in the film but we feel his voice in the film could’ve been dubbed better to match his personality.

The film does have the flavor of songs and dances, to offer some entertainment. But over all the film is just a complete entertainer.

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