These Marathi Celebrity Who Actually Had Real Kiss On Screen

Marathi industry is conservative about intimate or kissing scene in a movie but now days actors are not hesitate to do kissing scenes at least. A maker of the movie does not want to promote any sex ideology but sometimes content needs kind of bold scenes. Honestly giving intimate scenes is not about for publicity but it is demanding of the concept of movie.

Now Marathi industry is now become mature enough to do this kind of scene and that’s why audience also accepting that kind of movie which have bold scene. So there are big stars in the Marathi industries that were given kissing or bold scene in their movies.

So let’s see which actor has given kissing scenes:

  • Swapnil Joshi & Sonali Kulkarni in Mitwa.
  • Ankush Chowdhary & Mukta Barve in Double Seat.
  • Swapnil Joshi & Sai Tamankar in Duniyadari.
  • Upendra Limilye & Mukta Barve in Jogwaa.
  • Umesh Kamat & Priya Bapat in Time please.

priya n umesh Kiss

duniyadari movie kiss

mitwaa movie kiss

jogwaa movie kiss

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