Struggler Sala Episode 8 with Mahesh Manjrekar


Mahesh Manjrekar in Struggler Sala

A column on the artful performer,  the man who’s not thirsty for a recognition,  cause his works spoke all for him, a man with all admiration people look to Mr. Mahesh Manjrekar.
Struggler sala, the crew of the video clip would have been on cloud seven to shoot a web episode of 10:54 minutes with the man, himself.
“Sir kurta mast aahe, suit hotay tumhala
…..Ha sir
Hairstyle mast ahhe……. ha sir
Pony tail!”
The exact scene in the trailer, Mahesh Manjrekar cleaned bowled them all, with his effortless ability.
A web series in account of the strive of the actors in the industry, a sip of reality one on one slipping down your throat, with a moral that slows down the digestion metaphorically , knowing the scenes behind the camera’s,  actually.
Generating a statement in appreciation of the work put in. Chavat productions is the masculine stallion in the race of content visualisation. Making this team, a desirable competent. Struggler sala it is..!

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