Maharashtracha Favorite Kon Award 2017 – Zee Talkies

Show: ‘Maharashtracha Favorite Kon 2017 Awards’
Channel: Zee Talkies
Telecast: 21st February, 2017
Timing: 6pm onwards.

Awards in fall? Yes, ‘Maharashtracha Favorite Kon 2017 Awards’!
“Zee” is full of zeal, amongst all the channels airing. And ‘Zee Talkies’, pulled all the TRP towards it on 21st February, 2017 showcasing ‘Maharashtracha Favorite Kon 2017 Awards’, giving away awards to the well-deserved with a process of voting. ‘You chose your idol’, that’s what this awards shouts out.
A ceremony we couldn’t afford to miss, this fall! 21st February, 2017 6pm, the red carpet was placed, the cameras were ready to capture moments of the glittering faces you adore, don’t you? The award ceremony, you were waiting for, from a long time was there, the breathtaking actresses dressed in elegance and the men all decked up.
‘Maharashtracha Favorite Kon’, bringing actors of skills together, in one night, was a feeling of excitement to witness. And brings to you moments, of the award show, you made possible, by choosing the winners.

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