Loose Control Movie Trailer: Heavy Fun Dose For Coming New Year?

Loose Control is a amusing take on the colossal mess which our skewed ideas and actions can lead us horrible situtions. Trailer looks amazing and comedy which ensuring movie will laugh us loudly.
Movie Has huge star force which includes Madhura Naik, Akshay Mhatre, Manmeet Pem, Shashikant Kerkar, Kaushish Badrike, Shashank Shende, Bhalchandra Kadam, Aarti Solanki, Tia Atharva, Binod Rai Bantav. Movie is presented by Prem Jhangiani
It is directed by Ajay Singh and produce by Ajit Satam, Riyaz Inamdar, Jignesh Patel, Sakib Shaikh & Mihir Bhatt. Seen through the perspective of three engineering students, we go through roller coaster ride of joys so lets enjoy this ride which will release on 14th Jan, 2018 all across the state.

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