Latest Marathi Navratri Songs : Audio Jukebox Navratiri 2017

Marathi Navratri Songs 2017

Navrati is one of the most celebrated Hindu festivals in India and it is started from today. Defining both the religious and cultural themes, in navratri people really rejoice the music and dance. This festival literally charged with various color sparkling lights.
In ‘Garba’ and ‘Dandiya’ there are particular songs which played by years & years. Now Everest Entertainment has decided to add on new songs for navratri occasion, so that people will relish more. Just look into this wonderful song list which has 42 minutes length.
• Gondhalal Ye
• Daar Ughad
• Jai devi Jai Devi Maykrishne
• Sukhdayini Vardayini
• Dhaav Ambe Jai Ambe
• Mahalakshami Aali Sonachya Pavlani
• Oti Krishnamaichi
• Udo udo

Navratri Devi Marathi Songs

Navratri Devi Marathi Songs मराठी गाणी “Navratri Navrup Tup” including song Aali Aali Ho Gondhala Aai. May this Navratri bring peace and happiness to your family.

Song Listing:
1) Aali Aali Ho Gondhala – 00:03
2) Jai Jai Tulja Bhavani – 05:51
3) Jai Ambe Jai Jagadambe – 12:17
4) Jogava Aaicha Wada – 18:01
5) Vastra Alankar Karu Ambikela – 21:07
6) Mazi Renuka Mauli – 27:29
7) Aadimaya Ambabai – 31:08
8) Karuya Udo Udo Ambabaicha – 37:43
9) Navratrila Navrupe Tu – 42:12
10) Parabramharupi Mate – 46:31
11) May Bhavani Tuze Lekaru – 50:07
12) Namaste Sharanye – 53:44

May this navratri fulfill all your dreams and bring happiness in your life.