Lapachapi Review : Who is real Devil, Human or Ghost?


Lapachapi Review : In one Sentence ‘Lapachapi movie is worth to watch’. After long time Lapachapi team is successful to show scary screenplay to audience. The characterization of movie is quite perfect, and performance of the cast is remarkable. There are many violence scenes in the movie but this is acceptable for movie plot.

The background music and song ‘Khel lapachapicha’ really give you Goosebumps. The directors give you small clues for what happening next, so automatically it engages you in movie till the end. The location of sugarcane farm and other properties make movie more relevant for horror genre.

Movie is actually point out on social problems in today’s scenario. Movie indirectly asks the question to audience who is the real devil, Human or Ghost?

Watch Lapachapi Movie Trailer

Pooja Sawant and UshaNaik has done tremendous job to make movie Alive in front of you.

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