Laginghai Marathi Natak

Langinghai Marathi Natak

Natak: Laginghai | लगीन घाई
Writer: Advait Dadarkar
Director: Adaut Dadarkar
Genre: Comedy
Production House: Suyog Nirmit
Producer: Gopal Algeri
Set Design: Sashank Tere
Lights: Sheetal Talpade
Costume Designer: Pranoti Joshi
Music: Abhijeet Pendharkar
Artist: Ashok Saraf, Aditi Deshpande, Omkar Raut & Niyati Ghate.

Marathi Theatre arts are known to be experimental and unique in terms of concept, as we all know. With a benchmark set so high, the theatre appreciating audiences expect ‘Nataks’, to be of different concept, everytime they go to theatres to watch one.
Ans to fulfill, the desire of watching a fresh concept, Suyog Nirmit presents ‘Laginghai’, featuring veteran actor ‘Ashok Saraf’.
Directed and written by Adaut Dadarkar, “Laginghai’ showcases a story of a son and his father.
So, you might be thinking what’s funny about a father son relationship? Right!
The play has in twist in it, connecting a love plot. The story moves with the son, involved in a relationship with a girl, but the surprising part of the skit is that the father i.e, Ashok Saraf gets involved into a love bond within the same family, his son wants to be with. The play is a hilarious take on all the awkward situations that can arise when both of them decide to get hitched around the same time, which would be appealing for the audiences at the same time, making this natak, a funny and interesting one from the others!