‘Ke Dil Abhi Bhara Nahi’ second innings starting from 16 July

ye dil abhi bhara nahi

Vikram Gokhale and Reema Lagoo performed in the popular Marathi play ‘Ke Dil Abhi Bhara Nahi’ in the recent past. The play directed by Mangesh Kadam was written by Shekhar Dhavlikar. After 74 shows of this play were performed, Mr. Vikram Gokhale could not continue further, as his doctor had advised him not to deliver louder dialogues on health reasons. This is getting ready to play once again been on the stage. Vikram Gokhale and fiery gajavalele once said that drama is going to come see the new rangadhangata natayarasikanna. ” Once again, the fun thing as marriage in gamatici Mangesh Kadam and Leena Bhagwat you did not fill the now ‘…’ is shown from the fans entertained. Earlier, the response was huge and fiery Vikram Gokhale jodagolila ananarya rasikankaduna the theater together. Vikram Gokhale’s illness, but the play was stopped half way through. So it does not say ‘just gave natyarasikannaca fill’ to see the play. Finally, the Vedas production facilities by the audience icchapurti chief Gopal Algeri produced my play has decided to newly enacted again.

ke dil abhi bhara nahi

“She’s very little has yet been no change in the play director Mangesh Kadam is currently on the drama-filled drama quite rehearsal. “The beautiful thing as’ this play prayogacyaveli Mangesh Kadam and Leena Bhagwat’s visit was with Vikram Gokhale. The meeting, he expressed the desire to enact’s Shekhar Dhavalikar. The two play Mangesh Kadam and Leena Bhagwat had been fixed for long natakatalya character. Vikram Gokhale, or when you want to work in the play expresses the thought that it would not be right to say no to the Mangesh Kadam, who offered the role of Vikram Gokhale. However, Vikram Gokhale, who was asked by his wife, Lina vyaktirekheta nasalyakaranane fit this role or fiery. Both have already been working together for several plays and films. 74 were used in the play. But do not give much stress and Vikram Gokhale advised that their doctors ghasala. According to the doctor’s advice and stop play Vikram Gokhale travel. Preksakannahi appreciated bubbling performances. The blessing of the play is ready to come back on stage and the audience’s insistence Vikram Gokhale. “The blessing of the President and the record of his uncle’s fiery and I have seen the roles. Vikramakaka and Rima was the first stage of the two big names to play, and now we are doing it, so Obviously, some tension has been” Lina said Bhagwat said.

The play is the story of the couple was introduced dip age. People have started to think that was the job of economic management. While doing so, however, they start to lose everything to think about emotional management. After retirement pension and other economic factors are considered, but not found when considering the emotional things. Arun and Vandana necessary to decrease the emotional drama of this age through the health of the couple has tried to convince the importance of needs. Mangesh Kadam and Leena Bhagwat Chandrashekhar Kulkarni’s play along with this, Bageshree josirava between the role. This play is a feast for the audience that sits in the audience will meet from July 16.