Is Kangana Ranaut the most controversial in Bollywood?

With all the news swirling around Ram Rahim Singh Insaan, Kangana Ranaut managed to grasp eyes onto her for a juicy topic to chatter on for hours, for the film fraternity and the hearer-ship after her audacious answers given one on one at ‘Aap ki Adalat’.
Soaring to heights of stellar position after ‘Queen’’ proving that she is the protagonist a filmmaker needs to bring life to a story and not the big names labeling ‘Kapoor and Khans’, to get through. But with an alliance of stardom and statements comes great diplomacy which Kangana surely lacks in. Accepting her stubbornness that brought her where she stalls in utter fame is what her qualities led, it’s not only hardworking but a middle of fate that led Kangana to the path of Bollywood. From leaving her house at a tender age to fighting the world on her own and proving her male dominated family that it is a woman who possesses strength no equal but overpowering a mans.


Spurring yourself is a power which a few have, and Kangana had hold of it throughout her life. A journey from being homeless to the queen of Bollywood she is a perfect implication of flamboyance. She wears the crown of acting flair, but she definitely marks our hearts with esteem because of her statements she is not afraid to speak. But what if it’s bubble of controversy that is being hyped on? Is it a trick? After Hrithik Roshan’s divorce with his wife of 17 years, the tinsel B-town murmured of a new bond that wasn’t into manifestation in the eyes of the public. But you know what they say there are eyes everywhere and ears all around. Speculations had a mouth to declare and it happened in the year 2014 when the Greek God of Bollywood leaked emails sent by the Queen compiled of more than 1000 that revealed up against a brewing of the past, between the two into a bitter one. With a twist when, Rakesh Roshan stepped in to shield his son, of putting the truth on the table that it was Kangana who craves for limelight going bonkers on the issue.
Giving voice to what she claims to be truth at ‘Aap ki Adalat’, Kangana is still waiting to be disclosed as of said by her ex- beau’s father, leaving people in a state of bewilderment to blabber on while pointing fingers towards the Roshans. Is Kangana controversial or is Bollywood making her one?

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