John and Sonakshi in “Chala hawa yeu dya” to promote Force 2


Actors have always been promoting films through shows and their channels, it’s a sign of predominant style to drag an ample of audiences to the theatre, in efforts of making the film a box-office hit. May it be a small budget film or a gigantic star-cast movie of Bollywood, every one approaches the channels for promotion purposes as, the line between an artist of a soap opera and an artist of a big budget movie has overstep eventually.
Likewise, john Abraham and sonakshi Sinha were seen playful on the sets of “chala hawa yeu dya- Maharshtra daura”. Yes you read that right, considering myself as an audience, growing up watching Bollywood stars only on Hindi channels for promotion took me aback with hint of astonishment at the first place. But watching this, I felt a proud moment, in account of the merging of the regional art with national, a gesture meritorious worthy of “John and Sonakshi promoting Force 2.”
“chala hawa yeu dya” is a comedy-centric show on zee Marathi a monologue lead by “Nilesh Sabhe “marking a big hit in 2015 completing 100 episodes, adding a second part this year that even the Bollywood actors couldn’t even confine themselves to be a part of a hilarious show , so successful.

John Abraham and Sonakshi Sinha promoting Force 2 at “Chala hawa yeu dya- Maharashtra daura”


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