Jalu Marathi Movie 2017


Movie: Jalu
Language: Marathi
Director & Editor: Nikhil Bhosle.
Writer: Tejas Tungar, Ajitkumar Dhule and Sagira Patel.
Producer: Ajitkumar Dhule and Shrinivas Bihani’s ‘Sai Nakshatra Production’.
Executive producer: Nitin Chandorkar.
Lyrics: Ajitkumar Dhule, Kishor Gagre, Kiran Dive, & Mahesh Sasane.
Starcast: Jyoti Subhash, Kamlesh Sawant & more.

Why do you like summers? Think, think!
‘Holidays’? That’s the first word or maybe scene clicked after reading the question. Yup, summers equals to holidays in our dictionary, with a repetitive scene of having a chilled lemonade on a hot fiery day, gulping down the sweet drink to quinch the thirst, this season has started making you thirsty like forever! But it is, all about holidays or something more than that?
There is something more to it! These are the days, when you get time from your hectic schedule and do what you want to in free spirit. It may be any type of entertainment you like, and with entertainment comes watching movies, hitting the theatre with your group of friends maybe cousins, and enjoying this period of relaxed days to the fullest.
Not even you, but the film makers as well, know it’s the days to have fun, and keeping that in mind, to not get your holidays wasted, Sai Nakshatra Production’ & Ajitkumar Dhule, is in full mood to give us a new story with their upcoming movie, ‘Jalu’. Directed by Nikhil Bhosle and written by Tejas Tungar, Ajitkumar Dhule and Sagira Patel, will be the next form of romantic drink we ever wanted to sip on. The ice cubed in this romantic drink, has started to melt, revealing a plot on inspiring women. ‘Jalu’, won’t be a just another romantic flick, but would inspire women with a streak of romance. Looking at the poster of the the film, the concept seems to be mesmerizing just like the waving veil, and touching our minds like the couples souls!
Anticipating ‘Jalu’, to appear simple, like a plain drink in summers, but realizing to have a twist, after taking a sip.
Team citygossiper.com wishes ‘Jalu’, cast a ‘Best of Luck’, for the venture!

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