Nirmiti Sawant will teach how to stay fit : Jadubai Jorat New TV Serial

 Jadubai Jorat New TV Serial
Treadmill exercise of Nirmiti Sawant makes you laugh which is promo of upcoming serial “Jadubai Jorat”. Concept of serial looks very simple but meaningful. Staying fit is essential in today’s world but that does not mean you have laugh or tease to fat people.

Jadubai Jorat New TV Serial Promo

So this is story of middle aged woman who is fat and has to face various problems. The character of fat women is doing by talented actress Nirmiti Sawant. You will also see kishori Shahane. So it is interesting to see what Nirmiti should do to fix this problem by her creative ideas. Serial seem really funny but also tells not behave rudely to people who are fat, dark skin or short in height.

This show is telecast on Zee Marathi from 24th July every Monday to Saturday at 1pm in the afternoon.

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