“Jackie Shroff as Dawood Ibrahim in “Chota Rajan” Marathi Movie


Jackie Shroff in Chota Rajan Marathi Movie

Sources have confirmed that “Santosh Juvekar” will be playing “Chota Rajan” in the yet to be started Marathi film project “Rajan.”
But the highlight of this blog is not the protagonist but, the actor portraying “Dawood Ibrahim”, list names who can be true to every aspect of this role, and has that style and vigor in him, to justify and carry the image exhibiting the exact characteristics of the same, I don’t think anyone can do that, except “Jackie Shroff” partaking as “Dawood.”

Yes, you read that correct, the humble man, with a rustic touch like no one in Bollywood, Jackie dada , carrying the chilled out dude attitude still at the age of 59, marking his “kya bhidu” dialogues, will be a treat for the eyes to watch.
The director of the film “Bharat Sunanda” has confirmed that they are in talks with Jackie Shroff, in relation with the role, as he is interested in, gluing “Aditya Pancholi” for a prominent role in the movie as well.
It’ll be a blast to watch, actors with so much authenticity and character of strength on the screen, converting this real-life based movie a big show of the year.

Jackie Shroff


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