Is Shashank Ketkar getting married to the Dombivali girl?

Showbiz, is a world of its own! As commoners it’s difficult for us to understand the lifestyle of the celebrities there in! But as an audience, you are keen, to know even the minute details these personalities, have in, don’t you?
Looking these stars through TV and a lifestyle they lead is a true dream. But with a life luxurious, comes a way of life not easy to live. An actor’s life is not his own, but of the people he performs for! And so is ‘Shashank Ketkar’s’.
The most adored ‘shree’ of ‘Maharashtra’ from ‘Honar Suun Me Hya Gharchi’ serial, fell in love with ‘Tejashree Prashan’, acting opposite in the same. It’s a cliché, we hear every now and then, ‘performer working together eventually fall for each other, end up getting married’. But for ‘Shanshank & Tejashree’, it wasn’t as smooth as a cakewalk. The courtship lasted only for a couple of years, concluding into a divorce. But life doesn’t wait for anyone, you have to move with the flow. And so did ‘Shashak’, we guess!
‘Shashank’, on the day of hearts, posted a pic, with a girl unknown, according to the sources the ‘Priyanka Dhavale from Dombivali’. And they both have glued their lips, uttering no word on the picture shared on his social media account.
Who is the mystery girl? Is she the next lady love of ‘Shashank’? Is he going to marry her? Or is it a publicity stunt? We hope, ‘Tejashree’ also moves forward in her life, just like ‘Shashank’, already did!
Do comment and let us know what you think about the unknown face in the picture ‘The Dombivali girl’!

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