Is Mukta Barve quitting Acting for a Radio show ?

the Mukta Barve show

Who doesn’t recognize ‘Mukta Barve’? We all do!
The actress bagging many great films with performance justified to the role. Popular to be perfect in terms of acting ability, the ‘Double Seat’ movie, actress will be the first one in the ‘Marathi film industry’, to host a radio show under her name ‘The Mukta Barve Show’.
Is Mukta bored with doing films? But who is every contented with money and fame? Or has she made up her mind to take the ‘Exit’ door from the entertainment room? Maybe there is more to this, step of newness!!
Mukta is hosting the radio show for reasons to create social awareness among the society. That’s really humble of her to do that! The show will be women-centric and will speak about issues that plague the women of the society. As Mukta has played roles in the past, showcasing issues women face from different sections of the society, varying from rural to urban. The purpose of the show is to make people realize how multi-faceted women are through a popular face of the M-town.
‘A show for cause’, I must say performer turned ‘Radio Jockey’, Mukta Barve. Kudos!

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