Is fear your greatest enemy then WATCH HIFI Short Film : Exclusively on

Do you appreciate arts of forms? Are you from the section of the audience who, have a tongue to taste experimental arts?
Than you might love the concept of shortfilms! A subject of art cinema taken, to put forward with a message to convey, but in a short period of time, making an impact.
And to strike the influence, ‘HIFI’, a shortfilm by GIn featuring ‘Nishant Pandey’, might satisfy your thirst of watchful arts.
HIFI showcases the reality of drugs! A chaser of the poison, a peddler and a cop, and a drug trip narration the story. Concepts like these surely, do catches a lot of attention in the art cinema as well as commercial. With box office hits like ‘Udta Punjab’, picking a topic of serious issue residing among us, ‘HIFI’ featuring Nishant Pandey, Vaibhav Sharma & Deep Tripathi, will make you experience a rollercoaster ride, into the roots, of what we don’t care to give an eye to a new dimension.
HIFI demonstrates, the conflict with self, of addicts. It’s a vicious circle of the drug world of acquiring, consuming and the transition phase that has been portrayed in the shortfilm. GIn beautifully portrayed the message in the pattern of a fight of the drug addict with the inner person. HIFI makes you stand in the position of the poison chaser, realising he isn’t the chaser anymore, but an enemy in itself, figuring out to get rid of it.
HIFI, to the makers of the shortfilm, to makes pieces of subject sensitive!
Ask yourself! If fear is your greatest enemy?
Fight it back with ‘HIFI’!

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