Heart Touching Teaser of ‘Damlelya Babachi Kahani’

Marathi Movie “Damlelya Babachi Kahani”

Damlelya Babachi Kahani movie poster

Actress Sanskruti Balgude and Famous poet Sandeep Khare plays father-daughter in the upcoming Marathi movie Damlelya Babachi Kahani. Directed by Yogesh Jadhav & Nitin Chavan, the movie is produced by Vishal Dhanwade & Nitin Chavan under the banner ofPalavi Creations. The makers released couple of promo teasers for the movie.

Both the promos are intriguing and concentrates of the Father-Daughter relationship. This film borrows its title from Sandeep Khare’s poem by the same name. The story unfolds through the perspective of the father and his care for his daughter, where he pictures her in every incident that happens to other girls.

Damlelya Babachi Kahani Teaser (Promo) 1

Damlelya Babachi Kahani Teaser (Promo) 2

The Movie stars Sandeep Khare, Sanskruti Balgude along with Kishor Kadam, Aastad Kale, Dipti Bhagwat, Jyoti Chandarkar & Pravin Tarde. The movie is an emotional journey of the father and difficulties he face to raise a daughter.

Damlelya Babachi Kahani Movie Poster

Damlelya Babachi Kahani poster

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