Fugay Review: A perfect Movie to hangout with your family.

Title- Fugay
Rating- 3/5
Language- Marathi
Duration-2hrs, 2min
Release Date- 10th February, 2017.

Movie Review:
In this season of hearts, the Marathi film industry is ready to paint the town red, with the gesture we all crave for, “Love”. Love between two friends is what “Fugay” seems to be! Fugay, it’s a title odd from the normal. The balloons of freedom, is what “Fugay” is all about.
The film stars Swapnil Joshi and Subodh Bhave in the main roles as Aditya & Hrishikesh as heroes, “Prarthana Behere and Neeta Shetty” as leading heroines and senior actors Mohan Joshi, Anand Ingle, Suhas joshi, supporting.

The story is all about two best friends, Aditya & Hrishikesh who have been friends from the age of three. Spending half of their life’s with each other, going to the same school, growing up in the same neighborhood, sharing the same memories, sharing secrets, completing each other, being there for the other when one needed. Signifying a gesture unconditional. Sharing a bond inseparable.
The plot initiates with Aditya getting engaged to Prarthna. As of sprouting fresh love Prarthna becomes over-possessive of Aditya, causing a bother issues with the friendship, Aditya & Hrishikesh share. Taking into account, Aditya’s fiancée behavior they both to decide visit Goa, for one last bachelor’s party.

And Goa it was, the place to booze and party, make mistakes and forget about the rest of the world. And what they forgot was, today everyone is under the eyes of the media. The bachelor’s party, where they drink till they can’t walk, calls for a twist which they never thought of. A night before, about which they have zero remembrance of, making them homosexuals is what the reporter portrayed them to be. Everyone after that night believes that these duo are actually “Gay”, but in reality the whole thing gets messed up in really funny way. The cinema showcases an unusual blunder caused by their bond. A complete family entertainer is what Fugay is tagged as.

The script is a major copy of the “The Hungover” series with a hint of “Dostana“, proving Indian film makers to be inefficient of originals, at times. People would have a fun time watching the movie, but audience of taste not supporting “same there copied here” , would be disappointed of how, Indian cinema with ease, present scripts of their own, that has been a hit all over the world.

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