“#FasterFene Teaser 2” launch-Upcoming Marathi Movie 2017

Macho voice of Ritesh Deshmuskh in the background of the teaser makes scenario more auspicious. In this trailer we get hint that this is story of Detective. This will definitely contain highly suspense features. Still we not get one glance of heroine in the teaser, hope we could get in the trailer. The movie is releasing on 27th Oct, 2017 across the state.
Audience are estimating that it should be an Marathi Sherlock Holmes, but in our point of view ‘Faster Fene’ has creative attributes like at end of the teaser Ameya make that hilarious sound. The trio of Producer Ritesh and Genelia, Director Aditya Sarpotdar and actor Ameya Wagh in one film makes movie more promising.

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