“Faster Fene” Movie Review- have you hear the voice Toockkkk!!!!

Faster Fene Movie Review

Movie leading actor Ameya Wagh (Banesh Fene) has done tremendous job. Banesh is shifted from Kolhapur in Pune for science examination. He is very attentive about detective kind of things. At that time one college student case stands out in front of him. He took decision to deal with that case personally as private detective.
Story is all about how he solves this case. At some point of time faces lots of problems when he confront with Girish Kulkarni (Appa). Movie is really thriller sensational and worth to watch. Film concept will grab your attention till the end. If you not read Bhagwant sir novel of faster fene then it is perfect time to experience sensation on silver screen.
Screen writer Kshitij Patwardhan and director Aditya Sarpotdar portray fene flawlessly. Even the remaining character such as Parna and Aboli has done the role delightfully. Presence of Dilip Prbhavalkar make movie more prominent. We suggest that you have to watch this movie in theater to watch new superhero of Marathi industry.

Movie Rating: 4/5

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