Elinor Chhris – The brand name in fashion, lifestyle & high profile jewelry brand


Hold your breath, and take a seat, cause citygossiper.com is showcasing for the very first time a celebrity for not her role in a movie, for not a review or an update but for who she is, the gorgeous, the lovely, the bewitching, the alluring Elinor Chhris . With her out-standing persona and spell-bound looks, no doubt she is a favorite among-st lifestyle, fashion, jewelry high profile brands.
A presenter of 150 brands, a model of European looks and an actor manifesting her acting abilities in a 2014 release French film,”honeymoon with werewolf” ,mentioning albums “summertime fatness and Baap ki izzat” and currently working on a project in Marathi “Mungala”, this diva of fine taste is set to place her feet in Bollywood movie with “Salaam Saheeb”.
With a perfect stature of 34-27-36 , brown eyes no one would want to have a miss on looking at this desirable young lady and control drooling.
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