Elinor Chhris : The glamorous calendar diva of the fashion industry

Elinor chhris The glamorous calendar diva of the fashion industry

What comes up, in your mind when you hear the word “Calendar”? Have you ever thought about, why these calendar photo-shoots are given so much worth? Photographers gather twelve themes, creating a message reaching to the audiences adding a sprinkle of spice, a hint of sexiness and a handful of glamour, to place the dish, of tasteful calendar photo-shoots.
The hero in the whole procedure of the photo-shoots is the photographer behind the conception, holding assorted subjects. Photographers holding big position, make a remarkable print, publishing the Calendar photo-shoots, with faces we admire. And this time, the news of a calendar photo shoot is exclusively, and officially being displayed on Citygossiper.com

A calendar photo shoot with a ton of glamour in it, with none other than the diva herself “Elinor Chhris” of European looks. This epitome of pristine facial form, and absolute talent is all set to be a part of a calendar photo shoot in March, 2017. Recognized as the “Face of India”, in the modelling industry, no doubt this lady of elegance and pose, is ready to enthrall us all with the photographs.And to top it all, with all the praises this shining beauty has, she has been elected as an “Inspiration, Role Model and a Motivator for Youth”, on 20th January 2017, by Cummins College of Engineering, Pune. There seems no chance of stoppage for this young lady of poise, adding diamonds to the crown of her being a phenomena. With all the skills and bewitching gem, the diva is all in position, to set fire, this summers. Gazing at her pictures anybody would be awe struck. The way this celebrity cares herself, no doubt the pictures will be utterly justified to every theme assignment. Any guesses, of which month she’ll be allotted? Looking at the gorgeousness, any speculations of what theme she’ll be portraying to spellbind us all? Maybe a bikini photo shoot, holidaying at a foreign location, with blue waters, sipping on some coconut water! Maybe a campaign against animal cruelty, to alert us about the ill, they face! Any guesses?

Do comment below, to guess what calendar theme the model is coming up with.

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