Dhyanimani Review: A suspense ride of thrill with Mahesh Manjrekar

Movie : Dhyanimani
Star Ratings: 3/5
Review by : Citygossiper Team
Genre: Thriller
Language: Marathi
Duration: 2 hrs
Release date: 10th February, 2017

Dhyanimani review: “Dhyanimani”, based on a popular play of the nineties, is a psychological thriller. The story features two couple from different age groups, dealing with marital problems.
(Abhijit Khandkekar)Sameer a psychologist and (Mrunmayee Deshpande) Aparna Karandikar have just found out about Aparna’s pregnancy. And plan to visit (Mahesh Manjrekar) Sada in Roha, who lives there with his family. Sada is an ex-student of Samir’s father. Sada, his wife Shalini (Ashwini Bhave) and Mohit live on the site of a resort project being built by the company he works for. Sada and family welcomes Karandiakars, with Mohit missing in the scene, being out for the day on a school picnic, as the sun sets down the situation flips as Mohit hasn’t returned home yet, making the parents panic. As the story gets deep, we realize that what seems, is not what the movie is all about.

What is the secret that Sadanand and Shalini is hiding? Why are they living far away from the city? Why did they chose a life, on the out-skirts? Where is their son Mohit? What has happened to him?
After the first part, you’ll sense a stage, where you’ll question yourself, where is Mohit? Is he dead? But the house has his belongings all over? Why is the mother so obsessed with Mohit’s upbringing?

And the answers to all your questions is the couple suffers from a psychological disorder, as never being blessed with a child, leading to molding stories about Mohit, creating their own world, away from the urban life. With loud music, the movie makes it overly-obvious of being a thriller, and a psychologist visiting a family of a missing son, makes it evident of what the film wants us to get in the head. The film is shot with odd camera angles effects at Sada’s house, positioning Sada as the suspect. With detailed scripts and the dialogue delivery the movie has a good plot to carry it till the end. A bit of a confusion seems to take place while figuring out the solution of the problem.
Dhyanimani is a movie, out of the ordinary, added in a genre of “Kaul”, making the teams statement true of not fixing a form, of what the movie is. Dhyanimani – A great movie with an even potent starcast is what the film brings to you, this season with a twist, of thrill you’ll never expect.

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