“Dhingana” upcoming Marathi Movie- Funny Chaos after the demonetization

‘Dhingana’ is an upcoming Marathi movie which holds comedy genre. Demonetization is one of the biggest currency experiment happened in India. How to convert black money into white was become a task at that time. Considering that factor movie shows the same.
Priyadarshani Jadhav and Prajakta Hanamghar is doing leading role in this film. Veteran bollywood actor Raza Murad is also seen in the movie along with Avtar Gill and Kunika. Movie is directed by Chadrakant Dudhgavkar. Produce by Sameer Sadanand Patil.
In the trailer you can see how money converting money become chaos. May be film will show us some realistic problems which was happened at that time. It is presenting by Mamata Production house . Lets see whats gonna we see something new in this movie.

‘Dhingana’ is releasing 8th Dec,2017 all across the state.

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