Deekshabhoomi Nagpur : Happy Dhamma Chakra Pravartan Din


Deekshabhoomi Nagpur is a sacred monument of Buddhism at the place where the architect of the Indian ConstitutionDr. Babasaheb Ambedkar, went back to Buddhism along with his about 600,000 followers on 14 October 1956.

Deekshabhoomi is situated in Nagpur, Maharashtra, a location regarded as a pilgrimage center of Buddhism in India.
Millions of pilgrims visit Deekshabhoomi every year, especially on Dhamma Chakra Pravartan Din (Mass Conversion Ceremony Day) and 14 October, the memorial day when Dr. Ambedkar converted to Buddhism here.

Now, the biggest stupa in Asia is erected in his memory at this divine point.

Deeksha literally means ‘act of ordaining’, Bhoomi means the ‘ground’. So, literally Deekshabhoomi means the ground where people got ordained as Buddhist. This religious mass conversion at one place was first ever in the history.

Deekshabhoomi is one of the two places of great importance in the life of Dr.Ambedkar, another being Chaitya Bhoomi at Mumbai.

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