‘#CRD Movie’ set to release in India – Appreciated by the critics all over the world

The film which has been appreciated on international level is now ‘CRD Film’ set to boom in India soon. This film is directed by National award winning Director Kranti Kanade. Many critics around the world calling this film as ‘Brilliant, subversive, Charming and fearless. Namrata Joshi who is one of the critics in india said ‘Kanade Breaks all rules of film making in creating CRD, Which boldly goes where no Indian film has gone before.’

CRD movie 2017

Story written by Dharamakirti Sumant who is the winner of Yuva Sahitya Academy Award. Movie has got amazing cast which include Mrinmayee Godbole who is seen in ‘Chi Va Chi Sau Ka’ movie and Vinay Sharma. Isha Keskar, Saurabh Sarswat and Abhay Mahajan is debuting with this film. Music is composed by Garth Neustadter who got Emmy Award.

All over this film is about a young dramatist rebels against his fascist tutor to form his troop of misfits. This is real life story event ‘Purshotamma’. After looking trailer it seems like film will be give experience to the audience. So don’t forget to book your tickets for 29th September, 2017.