Comedy King “Kapil Sharma” return to the small screen : On Sony TV

The Kapil Sharma Show with sharukh kahn

Kapil Sharma made a his grand return to the small screen last weekend with The Kapil Sharma Show and we were so happy! Apart from Kapil, all his popular co-stars – Sunil Grover, Kiku Sharda, Ali Asgar and Preeti Simoes and Navjot Singh Sidhu returned with Suresh Menon and Rochelle Rao being the new additions to the cast.

Here are a few observations we made from the first two episodes that aired this weekend –

1) The format is similar to Comedy Nights With Kapil, like you’d want it to be any different!

2) Sunil Grover (as Dr. Mashoor) and Ali Asgar (as Nani, instead of Dadi) killed it. Obviously.

3) Rochelle Rao was too cute as one of the new additions to the cast where she played a hot ditsy nurse. There were rumours that Shilpa Shinde had been offered this role, but seeing the episodes, we don’t think anyone else could do a better job.

4) Preeti Simones is there too, she’s annoying to me but I’m sure lovely to many!

5) Kiku Sharda is playing various characters, none of them women (as of now) and none of them even a little close to Guru Ram Rahim Insaan. We wonder why!

6) Suresh Menon is there too! He plays the owner of Mohan Latrine Services, so he cracks potty jokes. This is far funnier on-screen than I’m making it out to be.

7) Navjot Singh Sidhu is the same. Yesterday, Tiger Shroff and Shraddha Kapoor couldn’t stop laughing as jokes were cracked on their respective fathers and love scenes amongst other things.

8) Shah Rukh Khan was AMAZING. As always!

9) And finally, the show is called The Kapil Sharma Show for a reason, the man is a star! No one can be like him. What were your thoughts about The Kapil Sharma Show? Tell us in the comments below.

Saturday and Sunday at 9pm on Sony TV!

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