Biryani Genie Review – Nagpur

Biryani Genie

App: Biryani Genie
Ratings: 4.8/5!
Review By : Abhilasha Francis
Dish: Biryani
Mode of order: Biryani Genie Application Do you love love biryani?
Than you are a hardcore Indian.
May it be a wedding, a party or no event but for us, biryani is the call for every happening.
And if not there is piping hot love for every one of you, who just wants to eat a wholesome plate of fragrant biryani.
Biryani Delivery couldn’t have been so accessible if it wasn’t ‘Biryani Genie.’
I got to know about the app being a hit, from the social media sphere.
As it is an online offline ordering application delivery unit, so I ordered a Chicken biryani.
The service was easy and slick.
The order arrived about 30 minutes post, to the estimation they placed.
The package seemed to be so attractive and of good quality which rarely is witnessed in Nagpur.

Biryani Genie box
Biryani Genie box

A hard board box handy, with plastic containers of high in quality that as an Indian the first thing that comes up to the mind is ‘Oh yes, I can use this again.’

Biryani Genie plastic containers
Biryani Genie plastic containers

Additional points for the packaging, that comes with a solid black fork and spoon a good quality napkin that won’t tear apart after getting cleaning your wet hands , like the cheap ones.


The dish was up to the mark and delicious, aromatic and well cooked hearty basmati rice with an adequate amount of flavorful succulent chicken pieces, with complimentary chicken lollipops, raita and gravy. If you are looking for a satisfying meal for two at the cost of one then ‘Biryani Genie’, is the App for you.
No fuss, no complications, just order and sit back!
They sent a sanitizer pouch inside the box, for maintaining a hygiene level wherever it’s delivered, that I haven’t seen in Nagpur before.
And shaking hands with the ‘Swachh Bharat Abhiyaan’ the box has a message on the bottom saying “Walking an extra mile to the dustbin-too easy!”
A new online food venture and a remarkable one.

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