Bharat Jadhav’s upcoming Movie Aata Majhi Hatli Trailer releasing this 2nd Sep

Aata Majhi Hatli Movie

Aata Majhi Hatli is a marathi movie starring Bharat Jadhav and Ruchita Jadhav. It story of a simple and honest auto driver – Shankar (played by Bharat Jadhav) and an independent, sexy, modern, multi-millionaire and arrogant young woman – Neha (Played by Ruchita Jadhav) who meet accidently. They don’t get along at all and yet destiny has them meeting over and over again. Know what happens next do Neha and Shankar get along or hate each other forever on 2nd September, as Aata Majhi Hatli releases in theatres near you.

Vasu Films Global presents A film produced by Shaleen Art Production & Shri Jagannath Entertainment.
Starring: Bharat Jadhav, Ruchita Jadhav
Director: Mahendra Devlekar
Producer: Shaleen Singh, Aditya Narayan Singh
Writer: Anil Kalelkar
Releasing on 2nd September 2016

Aata Majhi Hatli Trailer

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