“Barayan” Movie Trailer: it’s time to refresh your College Days memories

“Barayan” Movie Trailer indicates a lot about the film’s subject. It actually raises curiosity among the Marathi film lovers. One thing is sure that it has to convey something about education and youth.
Movie has star force including Anurag Worlikar, Nandu Madhav, Pratiksha Lonkar, Swarangi Sane, Sanjay Mone, Vandana Gupte, Om Bhutkar, Kushal Badrike, Uday Sabnis, Nipun Dharmadhikari, Rohan Gujar & Prarthana Behere. It is directed by Deepak Naik & produce by Daivata Patil.
In the recent past we have seen many such Marathi films successfully managing to convey the theme through their trailer, which invite the attention of audience.
Plot of the film also makes everyone think about the artistes of this film. Release date of this film is on 12th January 2018. Moreover, it is being released on National Youth day hope movie do well.

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