Archi aka Rinku Rajguru in kanada sairat ”Manasu Mallige”

Movie: Manasu Mallige
Language: Kannada
Director: S.Narayan
Starcast: Rinku Rajguru, Nishant
Release Date: 2017

The only phenomena in India that anybody and everybody has an idea about, is “Sairat”. A regional movie that turned heads 360 degree, with its capacity of drawing audiences of diverse tongues, dropping a bomb on the walls, and dragging them to theatre’s is what the movie did. Conveying that, if the actions and story is the hero of a motion film, that can work wonders, which anyone can understand, turning a 100 crore film, twisting the stereotypical views about regional film, and entering into a genre where a heroic story likewise, doesn’t need glamour and big star cast to stand out.
And it isn’t a surprise, for all to hear news of the remake of the film that made a mark of its own. The huge banners couldn’t resist, to make a remake of “Sairat”, under their productions. News have already flown of “Karan Johar”, in plans, to make one in “Hindi” and “Eros International” in Punjabi. Than why would south film makers not grab the chance?
Yes, they did! “Sairat”, is being made in “Kannada”.Any guesses, who might star in the “Kannada” version of our favorite blockbuster of 2016? Let’s not make you more curious, it none other than the original “Sairat actress”, herself “Rinku Rajguru”, the “The National Award Winner” with Satyaprakash’s son “Nishant”, in lead roles directed by “S Narayan”.As we all know, the teenage “Rinku Rajguru”, is a gifted artist proving her talent, and managing to grab the position of the same role in the film, but what about the hero? “Nishant”, gave an auditioned for the same, under a difficult procedure among 800 other actors.
Rinku, 15 with a schedule busy, still manages to work on films, as she will be appearing for her “SSC examination” this year, continuing to work, with “Nagraj Manjule”, after she is done with her exams. It’s commendable to see a girl of such a tender age, working hard, and adjusting schedules, striving for a movie, with no knowledge of the language, but trying and making it possible.
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Exclusive pics of “Manasu Mallige”

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