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Aasra- Voice of the Slums

Cast: Atul Kulkarni, Kishori Ballal, Sunil Pal, Sadanand Shetty and Ashok Samartha.
Producer: Sadanand Shetty
Banner: Padma vision Productions
Direction: Raj Sagar
Screenplay: Raj Sagar
Cinematography & editing: Krishna Soren & B. Mahanteshwar
Dialogue: Vishudh Anand Sharma
Genre: Drama
Music Composition: Abdhesh Goswami
Singers: Raghuveer Yadav, Siddharth Mahadevan, Abhijeet Kosambi and Avdhesh Goswami
Duration:2 hours 7 minutes

Citygossiper ratings – 3/5!

Ever meditated of, how the lives of the slums survive? How they make a living? How they strive each day in the circumstances damaging? Never, are we cognizant of the labor, of the breathing beings in poverty! A house equipped, a life sans-toil and garments embellished, prettifying us never ushers to the opinions of the population neglected.
A mental abstraction on factual lives,”Aasra” conceived by M.K. Shankar, shedding light on the lives of the people impoverish. Starring “Atul Kulkarni” and “Ashok Samarth”, well-known names in Marathi film town, marking their proficiency in Hindi cinema, adding “Sunil Pal” and versatile actor “Omkardas Manikpuri”, directed by “Raj Sagar” in local areas of Pune slums, and produced by “Sadanand Shetty”, under “Padma vision Productions”.
It would be attention holding to have a place of characters none belonging to the slums, following the narration into a Congress cooperator from Pune, tricking the poor in the SRA schemes demonstrating the way how such schemes needs to be put into practice.
Citygossiper.com appreciates such conception of putting forward, through a medium of entertainment, the evidence of the combat of people in the slums.

Aasra Official Trailer

Video Credit- Zee Music Company

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