Aalay Motha Shahana Marathi Natak

Aalay Motha Shahana

Natak: Aalay Motha Shahana | आलाय मोठा शहाणा
Genres: Fantasy
Production House: Trupti Productions
Presenter: Ashok Shigwan
Writer: Vaibhav Arjun Parab
Director: Santosh Pawar
Artist: Aashish Pawar‬, Apurva Nemlekar- Deshpande‬, Aanada Karekar‬, Nitin Jadhav‬, Mahesh Kokate‬, ‪Manisha Chavhan‬ & Vinod Dabhilkar‬.
Set Design: Sandesh Bendre
Lights: Sheetal Talpade
Costume: Mahersh Sherla

Presented by Ashok Shigwan, under Trupti productions, ‘Aalay Motha Shahana’, Marathi natak, is a play based on the imagination of a girl, named ‘Cinderella’.
The natak moves around the life of Cinderella, who is a drop out, and has studied till 9th class, as she was unable to clear her 10th.
Her life, isn’t as easy as it seems, cause she isn’t educate enough to even get married. But her fantasy world is what she breathes on, leading to numerous hilarious incidents.
The skit, takes a turn, when a personal tutor enters her life, with a motive to help her clear standard 10th. But Cinderella is no plain Jane, leading her life a joy ride full of fun and blunders!